About the Resilience Valuation Initiative

The Resilience Valuation Initiative is seeking to advance an accepted process with enabling methodologies for understanding the value of a resilience-building asset, network, feature or activity. The Resilience Valuation Initiative (RVI) coalition was established by the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & Safer Communities.

Our Vision


Our Mission

Mobilise public and private stakeholders in Australia to develop and use a practical solution that values resilience and better calculates community benefits.

Public and private sector decision-makers need reliable and accessible approaches to balance different priorities and values. For example, they may want to monetise resilience or better demonstrate value created from a program. However multiple barriers prevent them from implementing these approaches for resilience.

What are the drivers for this initiative?
  • Short-term priorities often drive planning and recovery
  • There is a shortfall in resilience investment compared to what is needed to manage natural hazard and climate risk
  • Resilience literacy can help decision-makers understand interdependencies to improve supply/value chain visibility
  • Leadership, evidence and standardisation are needed to align investment to risk
  • There is a momentum for change to manage climate and disaster risk
  • Stakeholders want support for resilience business cases

What are we delivering?
  • A coalition of stakeholders willing to contribute to the advancement and uptake of resilience valuation in Australia
  • An accepted process with enabling methodologies and guidance
  • Case studies of application
  • Statements along the way about what we’ve learned

Participating organisations

AECOM CSIRO Minderoo Foundation
Arup Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet Munich Re
Energy Networks Australia National Recovery and Resilience Agency Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience
EY Queensland Reconstruction Authority Australian Red Cross
Frasers Property Australia Resilient Projects Australian Super
Green Building Council of Australia Woolworths Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC
IAG WWF-Australia Climate-KIC
Infrastructure Australia

The Resilience Valuation Initiative welcomes more organisations to participate in our testing or other parts of the work program.

Why is a coalition so important?

Understanding and improving resilience is a national challenge that requires collaboration.

The coalition approach enables us to:

  • Build awareness of methodologies, frameworks and the environment needed;
  • Connect to potential users;
  • Build credibility to create self-sustaining momentum with users; and
  • Create new opportunities for leverage